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Rita's Column [May. 17th, 2005|06:32 pm]
RP Hogwarts Updates


New Ministry legislation!

In a surprising yet impressive move this week, Minister Malfoy has passed new legislation regarding those accused of activities related to being a "Death Eater". This reporter is currently maintaining a healthy suspension of disbelief as to whether or not such a group actually exists. Nonetheless, the new Minister is generously catering to the beliefs of the public in acknowledging their concerns for the treatment of these citizens. According to Minister Malfoy, "It is my hope that this new legislation will ring in an era of understanding and acceptance, and will put an end to some of the nonsense established by individuals such as Albus Dumbledore." The Minister is of course referring to the once-popular and now rather disgraced Headmaster of Hogwarts, who has in recent times done very little to benefit the community as a whole. Says a source from within the school, "I'm not sure what he does, really. It's not very much. I don't think anyone really feels safe here." Clearly, Hogwarts is not the fortress it was once believed to be, and this reporter wonders if perhaps a change in rule is appropriate.

The new legislation takes effect today, and will allow the accused the opportunity to reform their behaviours, something the former Ministry often overlooked.