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Daily Prophet [Nov. 19th, 2004|10:32 pm]
RP Hogwarts Updates



Hogwarts - The Safest Place To Be?

Apparently, not.

For the first time in many weeks, Hogwarts had the atmosphere of a happy school with no worries. The Sunday Evening brought on the first Quidditch Match of the season and there were smiles on the children's faces as they made their way to the Quidditch field. The entire faculty of Hogwarts had come to see the event, even happier to see that some things did not change. The children were innocent as they watched their Quidditch match -- Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw -- when suddenly, without warning of any type, the Dark Mark was cast into the sky above their very heads.

We, I am sure, are all aware of the absolute terror that can strike any wizard or witch once the Dark Mark is cast. The mark that is the very signature of You-Know-Who, the very symbol of death in our society, was cast right above the Quidditch field of Hogwarts. Chaos erupted, children were screaming and crying, fleeing towards the castle for safety! The teachers were far up high in their teacher's box, watching as the large crowd below them streamed out of the stands, the screams travelling so far that even the inhabitants of Hogsmeade could hear them.

"It's an outrage," says Mr. Percy Weasley, son of Arthur Weasley, "Hogwarts is meant to be a fortress, the safest place in our magical community. If a death eater can get onto the grounds undetected and cast the Dark Mark into the sky, how do we trust that the Headmaster is making sure the children are safe? I, myself, have siblings at the school who I dearly care for. I do not wish to see them hurt."

Whilst many were making their way to the castle, there were those who stayed behind to make sure everyone got back to the castle. Mortale Peccato, a handsome and charming Italian boy, son of Peccato, was seen carrying a girl who was beside herself with fear and would not stop crying. Helping those who were rigid with fear and coaxing those who hid beneath their benches, the caring Slytherin (simply unheard of, I know!) was able to get everyone back to the castle, including one Ethan Hunt, a Muggleborn wizard of Chinese descent, who seemed to have been in a trance.

Efforts such of these were appreciated as much, but unfortunately, were simply not enough. The staff descended into the woods once they were sure that everyone was in the castle, and searched the forest for signs of who had cast the Dark Mark into the starry sky above them. The came upon the cold body of Aaliyah LeFaye, a popular and pretty Ravenclaw, who had been one of the missing amongst those who had made it back to Hogwarts. Not far from her, wandered a crazed, very not dead Peter Pettigrew, wearing death eater clothes. Peter Pettigrew was the supposed victim of Sirius Black, now discovered to be wrongly accused. The seemingly insane death eater has been taken in by the ministry.

"At the time," Cornelius Fudge, Minister Of Magic, held a conference to address the public, "I am unable to release any information concerning the story behind Mr. Pettigrew's supposed death. The Ministry will be working hard now that Hogwarts has been infiltrated a second time."

The third Ravenclaw to be brutally murdered by You-Know-Who's followers, LeFaye is mourned for by Mr. Peccato, who was said to be in a intimate relationship with her. He is repeatedly said to be saying, "She's not dead. I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it."

 Is LeFaye the last Ravenclaw to be taken?

Or is this just the beginning?

Many of Hogwarts population are now mourning the loss of their classmate, but it seems that Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, is uneffected by the attack on his school and spends his time going about his business with one, Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy. He is said to be worshiping the young Malfoy and does not seem to care that there is a poor girl dead. But it also seems that Potter is not the only one ignoring the situation. Others are commenting on You-Know-Who's chose in using glitter for his mark, whilst others are simply going on with their lives as if nothing happened.

Are your children safe at Hogwarts? Is the Headmaster doing his job?

Is it a good idea to have a ex-death eater at Hogwarts?

- Rita Skeeter